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What is Ecommerce Website South Africa? See our portfolio

Ecommerce website design is the creation of an ecommerce website that deals with the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet. The process of ecommerce website design involves the design and development of either a new ecommerce website, or a pre-existing website that the client would like to transform into an ecommerce website. Alternatively the client could find templates of an ecommerce website design on the internet or ecommerce website design software rather then going through an ecommerce website designer.

Ecommerce website design South Africa is when an ecommerce website designer creates an ecommerce website in South Africa for a client so that he or she can sell their products on their own ecommerce website. The clients can choose from many online ecommerce website design templates or they may specify a certain design or theme they want the ecommerce website designer to create for their ecommerce website. Ecommerce website design concentrates on the buying and selling of a website more then the look and feel, as apposed to basic website design.

An ecommerce website design South Africa is when a content managed website application is created which allows members of the public to purchase specific products via transactions secured on the vendor’s ecommerce website. Typically this would involve an administration system which allows the client to manage their inventory, view orders and review transactions within the ecommerce website database. Orders are typically processed via secure online Payment Service Providers or integrated service providers. Occasionally clients may have in-house card swiping facilities and orders can be relayed directly to their systems.

Here are some ecommerce website design tips for creating an ecommerce website:

A good ecommerce website design has one main purpose besides the look and feel of the ecommerce design, that is the buying and selling. The people who visit your ecommerce website will want to know three things – what is the product, how much is the product and how they can buy the product through your ecommerce website.

Good ecommerce website designs have a strong call to action on every page, encouraging the visitor to convert that click into a cash buy. A good ecommerce website design has to be easy to navigate. Sitemaps are vital, letting your visitors find their way around your ecommerce website easily.

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